Double Chooz publishes new measurement of θ13 and reactor neutrinos flux

Since the detectors interruption in early 2018, Double Chooz international collaboration continues its data analysis in order to find the most accurate value of θ13, the third and last mixing angle of the neutrino oscillation process. Researchers have also measured with unprecedented precision the neutrinos flux emitted by the nuclear fission reactors. Those results were published in “Nature Physics” on […]

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Against COVID-19 epidemic, physicists create newly designed medical ventilator

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shortage of ventilators, the DarkSide collaboration develops a new model of easily produced and low-cost mechanical ventilators. A prototype has already been made and is now being tested in an Italian hospital. In many countries including France, hospitals are presently undergoing a shortage of artificial ventilators, which are essential to help […]

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LabEx UnivEarthS is funding an international mobility aid for phD students

In order to help phD students to travel abroad during their doctorate, the LabEx UnivEarths, through the ED STEP’UP, is funding mobility aid allowing to cover in part the travel and accomodation expenses. To be eligible, the phD students have to be enrolled at the ED STEP’UP, and working in an AIM and APC laboratories team. Participation in conferences and/or […]

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