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Workshop on observatory synergies for astroparticles physics and geosciences

Rationale. The recent convergence between Geoscience and Astroparticle Physics. In the last years there appeared many areas of natural synergy between Geosciences and Astroparticle Physics. Earth and Astroparticle sciences share a mutual scientific culture based on common objects of study, methods and approaches. They both deal with complex natural systems at much larger scales than the human scale, need deployments […]

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PCCP lecture course: “The Physics of KAGRA gravitational-wave detector” – January 8, 2019

by Eleonora CAPOCASA (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) Three 2nd generation gravitational-wave detectors (the two LIGO and Virgo) are about to come online again, in an upgraded version, for a new data-taking period. The increased sensitivity of the network is expected to result in a higher rate of detections with louder signals so as to enter a mature phase of […]

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International symposium on “Large TPCs for low-energy rare event detection”

The ninth international symposium on “Large TPCs for low-energy rare event detection” will be held in Paris on the 12th-14th of December 2018. The purpose of the meeting is an extensive discussion of present and future projects using a large TPC for low energy, low background detection of rare events (low-energy neutrinos, double beta decay, dark matter, solar axions). There […]

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