Hana Benhizia is the new IGOSat project manager

igosat_patch_v1Hana Benhizia is recruited by the Labex UnivEarthS as project manager on student nanosatellite IGOSat, from 1st October 2016. She joined the team of Hubert Halloin at the APC laboratory and succeeds Marco Agnan, to whom we wish you a good continuation.

Hana Benhizia graduated from the Denis Diderot Engineering School (EIDD) as a systems engineer, and has  a master degree in astronomy and Tools Systems and Space (CDOs) at the University Paris Diderot. Her field of activities are space systems engineering and management of space projects.

As IGOSat project manager, she will be responsible for the implementation and operations of nanosatellite, and the success of its educational and scientific objectives.

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