“SEPTiM” project led by James Badro awarded ERC Advanced Grant

James Badro, leader of the Frontier project of LabEx UnivEarthS “Multidisciplinary investigation of the deep Earth”, has been awarded an ERC grant for the “SEPTiM” project on the solidification process of the Earth’s early mantle. The IPGP researcher describes the objectives of this multidisciplinary study. The Earth formed gradually by accretion of larger and larger bodies, whose energetic impacts kept […]

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IGOSat: space at students’ fingertips

Initiated since 2012, IGOSat is a nanosatellite project developed within the LabEx UnivEarthS. A scientific as well as an educational project, this small satellite, designed mainly by students, should be launched in 2022. Learning more with Sébastien Durand, IGOSat project manager and systems engineer, and Alexandre Malecot, software engineer on the IGOSat project. Sébastien Durand and Alexandre Malecot While space […]

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KM3NeT: designing an underwater neutrino detector is also a mechanical engineering challenge

Alin Ilioni is a research engineer in the mechanical department of the AstroParticule & Cosmology laboratory (APC, Université de Paris / CNRS / CEA) since 2018. With other fellow engineers and physicists of the European project KM3NeT, he is in charge of developing the Calibration Base of the KM3NeT/ORCA detector, within the framework of the ARGOS Interface project, which receives […]

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