Inter-University Diploma “Terre-Planètes-Univers” (TPU, Earth-planets-Univers)

The three laboratories involved in the LabEx, AIM, APC and IPGP are involved in various curriculum in astro and geo-sciences. The diploma “TPU” is proposed as a label of excellence for high level international and national students, corresponding to an extra training proposed during the summer time between the first and second year of master, and/or a post-training during the PhD :

  1. A two-week summer school in IPGP’s observatories
  2. Master classes offered by renowned international scientist
  3. A scholarship to finance a research stay in a foreign laboratory, at the end of the first or second year of the Master, or during the PhD

A complimentary scholarship will be offered to international students, including specific funding for travel and housing expense, and, if necessary, French lessons.