In memoriam Natacha Combier

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Natacha Combier on February 7th. Natacha was the first project leader of IGOSat, a nanosatellite student. Coming out of Supélec, with stars in her eyes and feet firmly on Earth, Natacha wanted to make satellites. The petulance of her eyes, her passion and her intelligence quickly convinced us […]

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MICROSCOPE satellite test of general relativity: No deviations from the equivalence principle at the 10⁻¹⁴ level

While the best measure of the principle of equivalence had not been exceeded for 10 years, the first results of the CNES MICROSCOPE satellite, equipped with ONERA accelerometers, make it possible today to be 10 times better. They demonstrate, with unparalleled precision, 2.10-14, that bodies fall into emptiness with the same acceleration. The principle of equivalence remains at this unshakable […]

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Tiny changes in Earth’s gravitational field could help predict tsunami’s size

For several years now, the APC Virgo Group has been involved in studying the possible synergies between geophysics and terrestrial gravitational wave detectors. Geophysical phenomena cause disturbances of “Newtonian” gravity. If these are not gravitational waves, common interests, especially on measurement techniques, bring the two communities closer together. The studies published in Nature Communications in 2016 (Montagner et al.) And […]

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