Job Offer : One postdoctoral position in Astronomical Data Analysis

One postdoctoral position in Astronomical Data Analysis In the framework of the UnivEarthsS LabEx program, the astrophysics division of CEA Saclay is offering one postdoctoral position for an initial period of 2 years to work with Stephane Corbel and Jean-Luc Starck on radio transients detection. Over the next decade, a combination of increased sensitivity, larger field of view, and algorithmic […]

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Workshop Early Earth

One day meeting has been organized December 19, 2012. 18 persons will participate to the meeting among which 5 PhD students and two postdocs. The idea of this “in house” and informal meeting is to address a large range of topics spanning global geodynamics, origin of subduction processes, composition and evolution of the Archean atmosphere and shallow oceans to the […]

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NASA’s GRAIL Mission Puts a New Face on the Moon

Nov. 7, 2013. Scientists using data from the lunar-orbiting twins of NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission are gaining new insight into how the face of the moon received its rugged good looks. A report on the asymmetric distribution of lunar impact basins is published in this week’s edition of the journal Science. “Since time immemorial, humanity has […]

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