Seminar: From Diderot to Big Data – the Power of Knowledge

Stefan Atze (Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg) is going to give a seminar about the history of the connection between knowledge and power. The seminar will take place on Tuesday, December 2nd, at 2 pm in the Amphitheater Pierre-Gilles de Gennes at APC. The challenges for contemporary/todays science and research are neither new nor unique. A side glance in the history […]

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Publication: New look at the origin and the growth mechanism of Titan dunes

Titan, the largest satellite of Saturn, has a thick atmosphere dominated by nitrogen and carbon compounds. This satellite has many similarities with Earth, including a very active weather cucle, essentially controlled by methane, and many landscapes with extremely familar faces in particular huge fields of linea dunes around the equator. Such dune are observed in many terrestrial deserts and even […]

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