We have detected gravitational wawes!

On February 11, 2016 at 16:30, the Ligo and Virgo collaborations announced they had detected gravitational waves, a century after its description by Einstein. It’s a double masterstroke: by detecting for the first time these waves, the researchers also observed the first collision of two black holes. A new window opens on the Universe. Numerous scientists participated in this project. […]

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UnivEarthS Future : meeting around pancakes!

The Labex UnivEarthS invites you to convivial meetings, Friday, February 19 from 14:30 to 17:30 at the IPGP. The objective is to discuss together the perspectives of this project, in the scientific, institutional and also educational fields. One of the objectives of these meetings is the dawn of a future UnivEarthS. New Labex can be developed with different contours and […]

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“Methodology” training day the 20th January 2016

This “Methodology” training day is organized by the doctoral School STEP’UP in collaboration with the LabEx UnivEarths. The lectures given on november 2015 in Santorini will be held in IPGP, Paris, the 20th January : Numerical modeling data assimilation (Alexandre Fournier) morning 9h30- 12h30 (Salle P05 Grenat – IPGP Cuvier) Collecting and processing of data in extreme environments (Florent Brenguier) […]

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