The search for dark matter compatible with the search for supernovae

The DarkSide-20k and ARGO experiments, dedicated to the direct detection of dark matter, are also proving to be suitable for the detection of cosmic neutrinos, and in particular neutrinos emitted during core-collapse supernovae. The result presented here reviews the sensitivity of these dark matter detectors in the search for neutrino events from supernovae. DarkSide-20k and ARGO are future liquid argon […]

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ATHENA, a technical challenge for the new generation of X-ray telescope

The APC laboratory is heavily involved in the development of X-IFU, the high-resolution spectrometer for Athena, the future European X-ray space observatory currently scheduled for launch in 2031. The result described here is a further step in the development of the X-IFU readout chain. Powerful sources of X-rays, extreme phenomena such as black holes, galaxy clusters and star explosions, are […]

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Kinetic Inductance Detectors, a promising technology for precision astronomy

RETROSPECTIVE. In order to observe the cosmos and its infinitely distant phenomena, each additional photon captured may be indispensable. The new generation of kinetic inductance detectors, currently being developed at the APC laboratory, is therefore a promising technology for developing ultra-precise astronomical instruments. This result, published last year, provides an update on the progress of this project. How to observe […]

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