E3: Geophysics and gravitational wave interferometric detectors

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  • Gravitational waves are a prediction of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity. They are ripples in the space-time metric produced by cataclysmic astrophysical events. The direct detection of gravitational waves provides not only an important test of General Relativity, it also represent a new way to observe the Universe. The detection principle is based on the measurement of the space-time deformation between test masses with high-precision optical interferometers. The sensitivity of those instruments is limited at low frequency by seismic noise, due to geological and human activity. Geological activity affects the interferometric detectors, and conversely – for the same reason – the interferometric detectors can be used to extract information on the geological activity.

    The goal of this project is to explore the possibility to use the data of the Virgo interferometer to extract useful geophysical information


    Follow this link to know more about Virgo : https://wwwcascina.virgo.infn.it/


    WP leader Matteo Barsuglia APC DR2, CNRS
    WP co-leader Jean-Paul Montagner IPGP Professor, Paris Diderot
    WP member K.vin Juhel IPGP Doctorant, Paris Diderot
    WP member Donatella Fiorucci APC Post-doc
    WP member Pascal Bernard IPGP Physicien, CNRS
    WP member Eric Chassande-Mottin APC DR2, CNRS



    Collaborations with J.Harms (INFN Florence), B.Whiting (Florida University), J.-P.Ampuero (Caltech), M.Ando (Tokyo University), F.Sorrentino (INFN Genova).



    2016 Milestones


    • Finalizing work on the signal detection of gravity by the earthquake of Tohoku with the gravimeter at Kamioka and the network of seismometers F-NET.
    • Publication of the parer “Prompt gravity signal induced by the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake” in Nature Communications.


    Transient gravity perturbations induced by earthquake rupture, J. Harms, J.-P. Ampuero, M. Barsuglia, E.Chassande-Mottin, J.-P. Montagner, S. N. Somala and B. F.Whiting, Geophys. Journal International (2015) 201, 1416-1425


    Prompt gravity signal due to the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake, Jean-Paul Montagner , Matteo Barsuglia , Kévin Juhel , Jean-Paul Ampuero, Eric Chassande-Mottin, Jan Harms, Bernard Whiting, Pascal Bernard, Eric Clévédé, Philippe Lognonné – in press in Nature Communications (publication date ~ end of October).



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    Detection of instantaneous gravity anomalies of large earthquakes. The case of Japan-Tohoku earthquake of March 11, 2011, oral presentation, AGU fall meeting in dec. 2014.

    J.-P.Montagner, Workshop LANL, july 2014, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
    Prompt earthquake detection with high-precision gravity strain meters, poster at the GrEX conference (Bordeaux), 2014

    Prompt earthquake detection with high-precision gravity strainmeters, 3rd international conference on earthquakeearly warning systems, Berkeley (USA), 2014

    – Earthquake detection and early warning system with gravitational-wave detectors, M.Barsuglia et al., GWADW (gravitational-wave advanced detector workshop) 2014, Takayama (Japan), 2014

    Earthquake and Induced Multi-Risk Early Warning and Rapid Response, poster ECGS & ESC/EAEE Joint Workshop, Bruxelles, November 2015,

    Organization of the kick-off meeting of the E-GRAAL project at APC, 9 mars 2015, 17 participants (from France, Switzerland, Japan, US, Italy). https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/11394/J.-P. Montagner, International Colloquium in honor of Mathias Fink, ESPCI, Paris, Novembre 2015.

    M.Barsuglia, Conférence à l’Université de Tokyo, Novembre 2015

    Organisation of the 2nd E-GRAAL meeting, Paris, 6-7th october 2016 https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/13623/overview

    Participation at the GWADW conference Isola d’Elba, D. Fiorucci Atmospheric Newtonian noise

    K. Juhel Congrès des doctorants de l’IPGP (Paris, 16 mars 2015)

    J.-P. Montagner et al., AGU fall meeting, San Francisco, Dec. 2016.

    J.-P. Montagner et al., EGU Spring meeting, Vienna, Apr. 2017.

    D.Fiorucci, présentation à GWADW Hamilton Island, May 2017


    Matteo Barsuglia is actively contributing to the “fête de la science” since 3 years with workshop and conferences