V3: Detectors for the future

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    We propose a future program of detector device and data acquisition systems that have strong potential to lead to new science capabilities, especially in astronomy, and novel systems for research and innovation e.g. medicine. We focus for the short run on cryogenic detectors of a new type (Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors, first developed by Caltech and JPL in 2003) and a corresponding new level data acquisition system.

    WP leader George Smoot APC/PCCP Professor
    WP co-­‐leader Piercarlo Bonifacio GEPI Director
    WP co-­‐leader Michel Piat APC/UP7 Professor
    WP member Samir Beldi GEPI PhD Student
    WP member Andrea Tartari APC/UP7 Post-­‐Doc
    WP member Faouzi Boussaha GEPI Research Engineer
    WP member Shan Mignot GEPI Research Engineer



    The project started recently, we are coming back to you soon with more information!



    • Tartari, B. Bélier, N. Bleurvacq, M. Calvo, D. Cammilleri, T. Decourcelle, et al., LEKIDs as mm-­‐Wave Polarisation Analysers: Fabrication, Test Bench and Early Results, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, vol. 184, pp. 167-­‐172, 2016.