JE3 Méthode et outils de l’étude scientifique avancée des rayons gammas


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    The goal of this project is to study modern techniques of signal processing from the wider scientific and mathematical community and apply them to the analysis of very-high-energy gamma ray data. This applies both to the reconstruction of raw data from Cherenkov telescopes, where we strive to lower the energy threshold and improve angular resolution and cosmic-ray rejection, to the realtime detection of transient sources in high-level data. This study will benefit current and future gamma ray instruments, in particular the upcoming Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) observatory while simultaneously giving visibility to local groups within several large projects.



    WP Leader : Karl Kosack – CEA / AIM


    Tino Michael  – CEA /AIM

    FAbio Acéro – CNRS – AIM

    Thierry Stolarczyk – CEA/AIM

    Bruno Khélifi – CNRS/APC

    Sandrine Pires – CEA/AIM

    David Landriu – CEA/AIM

    Fabian Schüssler – CEA/SPP

    Jérémie Decock – UnivEarthS post-doc


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