Young Team project call

The UnivEarthS Labex is a project that aims to promote interaction between the geosciences and astrosciences, by developing collaborations between laboratories AIM, APC, IPGP and ONERA (LUTh, GEPI and IMCCE are also partners).

UnivEarthS is currently organized into 16 collaborative projects that focus on three themes “emergence, evolution, catastrophe.” The global budget is € 9 000 000 over 9 years (2011-2019).

Today, Labex calls for a new young scientific team to finance a young permanent researcher to support him/her to develop his/her research activity and to create a new team. The funding will be 150 k€ to be spread over a period of 2 or 3 years.

Young permanent researcher means someone who is currently working (associate professor or research fellow equivalent…) and does not have a A rank. There is no age limit or limit due to the duration of the employment contract.
For more information about this call, please read the attached file.

To submit your proposal send a email to Céline Giraud, UnivEarthS Labex project manager: The deadline is the MONDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER, 2014.

Selected projects by the Executive Board of the project will be then presented by their leader during the UnivEarthS Scientific Committee of the Labex on October 17th at Paris Diderot University.