2015 Fall School first results

From October 17th to 23th, the second edition of UnivEarthS Fall School brought together 40 people on the island of Santorini, Greece. In an exceptional location, the participants attended lectures on “Phase changes and eruptions in the universe. ”

The originality of this school is in the interdisciplinarity offered at various participants. Master’s students, doctoral or post-doctoral students, high school teachers and administrative staff discovered new horizons through the efforts of lecturers.

They accepted the challenge to pass on their knowledge to people not belonging to their domain, and thereby contributed to UnivEarthS mission: open bridges between disciplines. The courses were focused on three main areas: astrophysics, geoscience and methodology. They were donated by Sacha Brun (CEA), Florent Brenguier (ISTerre), Alexandre Fournier (IPGP), Isabelle Grenier (AIM), Claude Jaupart (IPGP), Edward Kaminski (IPGP), Maude Le Jeune (APC) and Germano Nardini (Universität Bielefeld).

Finally an excursion led the whole group on the volcano of Santorini. Under the direction of Claude Jaupart, director of the IPGP, participants have seen a live application of Volcanology course!


Positive feedback on this school are an encouragement to continue UnivEarthS mission: bring together researchers from different disciplines and create interfaces between Earth Science and Physics of the Universe. Indeed, it is through this kind of event that we promote interdisciplinarity and the connection between its various areas of research.