Publication of Mohamed El Abed, participant at the Fall School 2015

Florent Brenguier, Mohamed El Abed et Alexandre Fournier, Santorin 2015 Physics professor in the Paul Eluard high school of Saint Denis, Mohamed El Abed attended the UnivEarthS Fall School 2015 on the theme “Phase changes and eruptions in the Universe.”

His involvement and interest were noted by stakeholders, and himself came back enthusiastic after the seminar. “Conferences of quality  high-level stakeholders and discussions I had with them opened my eyes to new interesting areas. The notes I took during the conference will certainly be used in my future articles. ”

He sent us the news of his latest publication in the journal Physics Education, that we are pleased to relay: “Basic ideas and concepts in hot wire anemometry: an experimental approach for introductory physics students”.


The purpose of hot wire anemometry is to measure the speed of an air stream. The classical method is based on the measure of the value of a temperature dependant resistor inserted in a Wheatstone bridge (Lomas 1986 Fundamentals of Hot Wire Anemometry (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)). In this paper we exhibit the physics behind this method and show that by using a wire whose resistance does not vary on the field of temperature explored (from 20 °C to 200 °C), it is however possible to make accurate measurements. Finally, limitations of the method are discussed.