IGOSat: the nanosatellite a step further

IGOSat (Ionospheric & Gamma-ray observations SATellite) is the first CubeSat project leaded by Labex UnivEarthS and Université Paris Diderot. Since the project began, more than 200 students participated in its design, which takes another step by reaching the end of phase B.

CNES uses the term “phase” to describe the evolution of life of a product, from the expression of the specifications to the withdrawal of service. In June 2016, IGOSat will reach the end of phase B, thus validating the preliminary design of the nanosatellite.

A Preliminary Design Review will be conducted in front of CNES experts and different space laboratories. On this occasion, an open session will be devoted to a presentation of the project’s scientific mission and various technical topics. Then, a closed session will be reserved for discussions with the review panel.

The Preliminary Design Review (end of phase B) of nanosatellite IGOSat will take place on:
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 14h
APC laboratory
Luc Valentin Room
454A of the Condorcet building
10 Rue Alice Domon & Léonie Duquet
75013 Paris

To learn more about IGOSat project and its issues, visit the website www.igosat.fr

See the announcement on the website of Paris Diderot