The 6th Scientific Committee of Labex UnivEarthS


The Labex UnivEarthS is pleased to invite you to its sixth scientific committee, to be held on Monday 28 & Tuesday 29 November 2016 in Paris.

The leaders of the 18 UnivEarthS projects will present the advances of their work, on subjects as varied as the formation of planets, the development of tools for  space, or the evolution of life on Earth (visit the page of all projects).

We will also have the honor to attend a conference given by Dr. Neil GEHRELS, director of the Astroparticle Physics Laboratory, NASA / GSFC, and member of UnivEarthS scientific committee, on “Time Domain Adventures with Swift and Fermi .

The Scientific Council is OPEN TO ALL with registration (free but required) before November 21, 2016.


  • The presentations will be open to the public all day Monday and Tuesday morning. The session on Tuesday afternoon will be reserved for members of the Scientific Council and therefore closed to the public.

    Download the program on PDF file.

    Monday, 28 November

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    Tuesday, 29 November

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  • To register, please  fulfill the registration form.

    Registration is free but required, and must be completed before 21 November 2016.

  • Matteo BARSUGLIA
    Joël BERGÉ
    Volker BECKMANN
    Pierre BINETRUY
    Cécile CAVET
    Sébastien CHARNOZ
    Fabien CASSE
    Stéphane CORBEL
    Alexandre FOURNIER
    Davide FRANCO
    Diego GÖTZ
    Hubert HALLOIN
    Gauthier HULOT
    Karl KOSACK
    Stavros KATSANEVAS
    Chloé MICHAUT
    Pascal PHILIPPOT
    Nikolaï SHAPIRO
    Alessandra TONAZZO
    Véronique VAN ELEWYCK

    Leaders of new proposals:
    Sylvain CHATY
    Alexis COLERIO
    Patrick HENNEBELLE
    Philippe LABROT
    Antoine LUCAS
    Manuel MOREIRA


    Neil GEHRELS



    Please note the registration is still open and this list will evolve.

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  • The scientific committe will take place in the amphitheater  of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, at 1 rue Jussieu 75005 Paris.