Cécile Cavet appointed FACe Scientific Officer

Cécile Cavet was recruited in 2012 by Labex UnivEarthS in the WP Valorisation “Data diffusion, visualization and cloud computing“.

She was appointed in December 2016 as Scientific Officer of the Center Francois Arago (FACe), which is the APC’s multi-mission data processing center.
Her missions will include the following tasks:
– management of the FACe: prospective of the FACe, organization of workshops and tutorials in computer science, user-friendliness
– Head of the Euclid project at the APC: organization of meetings, drafting of deliverables for milestones, budget and HR management
– cloud expert for Euclid, LISA and SVOM projects: user support, application porting, new techno R & D (Docker, interfaces, BigData)
– development of code for the data processing of Euclid and LISA projects: reconstruction of distances of galaxies in the Universe for Euclid, implementation of a Web interface for access to LISA simulation data

The Labex UnivEarthS offers its sincere congratulations on her new functions.