Project Research Fellow in Gravitational Wave Astronomy – National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

The Gravitational-wave Project Office at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) invites applications for Project Research Fellow (postdoctoral position) in gravitational-wave astronomy.

NAOJ has been a host institute of the TAMA300 detector, and is one of the main co-host institutes of KAGRA a large-scale cryogenic gravitational-wave detector currently being built in Japan. The Gravitational-Wave Project Office, which is located at the Mitaka campus in the western region of Tokyo, includes nearly thirty people among which one professor, one associate professor and five assistant professors. The team is in charge of several subsystems for KAGRA (vibration isolation, optics and interferometer) and is also working on advanced technologies for future ground-based and space gravitational-wave observatories.

The fellow research subject should be related to the integration and commissioning of the KAGRA gravitational-wave detector and to the research and development for its future upgrades. The project research fellow can spend half of his/her time to pursue his/her personal research and is allocated a personal research budget for this purpose. In addition the fellow can apply for research funds to funding agencies and is expected to support the supervision of students both at the master and at the PhD level.
The position is available from October 1st, 2018.

More information about the position and the procedure to apply is given here below and can be found at:


You can also download the the complete recruitment form PDF :  job-20180330-gwpo-en.pdf