At the origin of any documentary film project, there is a meeting…

PARISCIENCE is identified in France and around the world as a hub for scientific documentary exchange and acts as a catalyst for film projects.

After its first success, the festival launches the second edition of the Salon des Idées Scientifiques, in partnership with the Scam.

Organized in 40-minute meetings, this “speed-searching” will enable scientists to carry out research that could inspire a film, meet author-directors and perhaps give birth to tomorrow’s documentaries.

Scientists wishing to propose their research as raw material for a documentary film are invited to summarize it in writing, then if they are selected, to present it to authors-directors and producers, Friday 19 October, between 9am and 5pm, in Paris (place to be specified).

Want to participate in the adventure?

For more information about the Salon des idées scientifiques, you can contact Laura Fonteniaud, festival coordinator, by e-mail: or telephone: +33 (0)6 58 31 34 75.