Week of the French Astrophysic

The Gravitational Waves Research Group organizes a workshop at the SF2A Days on July 3-6 in Bordeaux: http://www.sf2a.eu/ (workshop S03, Tuesday July 3). It is possible to present oral contributions and posters. The invited seminars are:

  • Ultra-dense matter in neutron stars: existing constraints and prospects, Micaela Oertel
  • Searching for supermassive black holes through low frequency gravitational emission, Stas Babak
  • Towards sub-Hertz gravitational wave detection with atom interferometers, Remi Geiger
  • Theories of modified gravitation after GW170817, David Langlois

There will also be three plenary seminars on the theme of gravitational waves:

  • Matteo Barsuglia, on gravitational wave detection and future prospects, 3 July (GdR OG)
  • Susanna Vergani, on kilonova detection and GW170817, 4 July (PNHE)
  • Luc Blanchet, on General Relativity tests with gravitational waves, July 6 (PN GRAM)

You can register from the web page http://www.sf2a.eu/