“How does the sun work?” by Allan-Sacha Brun

Sun picture from the satellite SDO. © SDO


For the documentary Science Grand Format on the sun, Allan-Sacha Brun was interviewed on RFI in the French program “Autour de la question” to answer many questions: How does the sun work? Our star that has shone for 4.5 billion years Should we fear its eruptions? What are these cycles? When will he disappear? Why turn around the sun?

Allan-Sacha Brun is an astrophysicist at the AIM laboratory and co-leader of the SolarGeoMag group, a UnivEarthS Interface project, designed to improve forecasts of Sun and Earth dynamo activity by bringing their physical description and observation closer together. The main objective is to improve our physical understanding and our ability to predict the long-term magnetic activity of the Sun and the Earth. This understanding is based on the analysis of 3D simulations, which are parameterized and implemented in low-dimensional models that lend themselves to data assimilation experiments.

You can listen to the broadcast on the RFI website (in French): http://www.rfi.fr/emission/20180620-comment-fonctionne-le-soleil