Jacques Marteau (IPNL) explains the experimental geoparticle excursion to Appolonia

In July 2018, a team of researchers went to Greece to track down geoparticles: this is the Geoparticles Experimental Excursion to Apollonia. UnivEarthS strongly supports the mission through project I2: Geoparticles.

During the mission, interviews were conducted to explain the project and the actions undertaken in the field. Find below the interview of Jacques Marteau, researcher at the Lyon Institute of Nuclear Physics (UMR5822, University of Lyon, CNRS-IN2P3). He explains in a few words how the muon detector was set up, the interest and specificity of the instrument, and the challenges he hopes to take up with the team.






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The UnivEarthS I2 project page: Geoparticles

WP I2 Geoparticles Experiment Field Trip to Apollonia July 2018