Commemoration day for Patrick Fleury


This September 12th we will commemorate Patrick Fleury, a physicist who was born to high-energy physics with the quark model and who left us sixty years later, after having seen the Higgs boson, and above all, these immense bifurcations that are astroparticle physics and gravitational waves. He was part of all these adventures and is recognised as a pioneer. He was also associated with the emergence of CERN, while at the same time being a great reformer of his laboratory, today the Leprince-Ringuet laboratory, that he directed for many years. His colleagues and friends will talk about his contributions to these areas but also about Patrick’s spirit, his way of seeing, his commitments, of being a fiery entrepreneur, sometimes with passion, and with insight, and that he was a man who was sometimes demanding but always filled with humanity.

This commemoration will include presentations retracing the various stages of his career and testimonials evoking his rich personality. Some documents and photos will be made available to the participants.



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