International symposium on Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays – 8 to 12 October, 2018

The fifth edition of the international symposium on Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays, UHECR2018, will be held in Paris from 8 to 12 October, 2018.

This UHECR workshop will cover recent results from UHECR observations and theoretical developments as well as future plans. The symposium will focus on the highest energy cosmic rays as well as cosmic rays at lower energies above 1 PeV, and on multi-messenger approaches. Inter-collaborative Working Groups will report on their common effort to bring together the results of the different observations.

Review talks on the latest IceCube, IceTop, Auger, and TA results will be presented, and we will hear reports from different inter-collaboration working groups on spectrum, composition, anisotropy, at the highest energy and in the transition region, and as well as on hadronic interactions in extensive air showers. Moreover,  working groups on searches for neutral primary particles, on searches for neutrino-UHECR cross-correlations, and on the Auger@TA  project will report on their ongoing activities.

Invited review talks will be also given on the following subjects:

  • Acceleration to the highest energies
  • Source scenarios including propagation
  • Magnetic fields
  • Diffuse gamma-ray background from Fermi-LAT
  • Physics of the transition from Galactic to extragalactic CRs
  • Hadronic interactions related to EAS interpretation
  • Gravitational waves related to neutron star merger physics
  • Multi-messenger connection of UHECR, neutrinos, gamma rays



UHECR 2018 will take place in the heart of Paris, at “Chimie Paris Tech” Campus (formerly know as the “Ecole Nationale de Chimie Supérieure de Paris “), very close to the Pantheon and the Luxembourg Garden.


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