JE4 : MIMOSA – MultI-Messenger Observations of Supermassive Accreting systems

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Bringing together in a new team observers, numericists and engineers, MIMOSA is an innovative and timely project which takes advantage of the unique involvement of APC in the two major space missions of 2030′, ATHENA and LISA, as well as in high-performance numerical simulations. It aims to improve our understanding of compact objects and their mergers, in particular vying for supermassive black-hole (SMBH) mergers. Driven by an associate professor recently hired to develop multi-messenger projects at APC, the MIMOSA team proposes to pave the way for the next decade by i) performing numerical simulations of SMBH mergers on the DANTE cluster (University of Paris), and ii) using these simulations to predict ATHENA observations of the mergers detected by LISA.

  • PositionName / SurnameLaboratoryGrade / Employer
    LeaderAlexis Coleiro APCAssociate Professor (MCF) / UP
    Co-leaderPeggy VarniereAPCResearcher / CNRS
    MemberFabien CasseAPCProfessor / UP
    MemberMatthias GonzalezAPCProfessor / UP
    MemberFabrice DoduAPCResearch Engineer / UP
    MemberDamien PrêleAPCResearch Engineer / CNRS
    MemberChen SiAPCResearch Engineer / UP
    MemberLéna ArthurAPCPhD / UP (Labex UnivEarthS)
    MemberRaphaël Mignon-RisseAPCPostdoc / CNES
    MemberJonathon BairdAPCPostdoc / UP (Labex UnivEarthS)
    MemberSylvain MarsatAPCResearcher / CNRS