Postdoctoral position: From evolving binaries to the merging of compact objects

A post-doctoral position is available with Prof. S. Chaty (AIM institute: and Dr. E. Porter (APC institute: at the University Paris Diderot (, funded by the UnivEarthS LabEx. A PhD in astrophysics (or astroparticles) is required, including a demonstrable talent for research and a clear vision of how to contribute to this specific programme.

The aim of the project is to reveal various aspects of the evolution of binary systems hosting black holes and neutron stars, in order to characterize the merger progenitors which are the potential emitters of gravitational waves. The project will include multi-wavelength observations to constrain the metallicity of binary systems, modeling of the evolution of binaries, use of population synthesis models, and prediction of merging rates in various environments.

The candidate will work at the interface between two active research groups. The first, at the AIM institute, focuses on various aspects including observations and modeling of binary systems hosting compact objects, consisting of Prof. S. Chaty, Dr. T. Foglizzo, F. Fortin, Dr. D.J. Marshall and Dr. F. Mirabel, members of the Fermi, Planck, Gaia and CTA collaborations. The second, at the APC institute, is dedicated to gravitational wave and multi-messenger detections with Dr. E. Porter and Dr. E. Chassande-Mottin from the Advanced Virgo collaboration, and Dr. A. Coleiro from the Antares/KM3Net collaboration. There are close ties with other groups working on high-energy sources, relativistic jets, gamma-ray bursts, astroparticle physics, etc.

Appointment is secured for 2 years with the possibility of obtaining personal grants depending on funding availability. The salary will be dependent on experience, in line with University pay scales. Applicants should send a CV, research statement, publication list and (separately) two letters of reference. Positions are to be filled by mid-2017; applications will be considered starting March 1st, 2017 until the position is filled.

More details on this project can be found at:

Contact and submission address for applications : Prof. S. Chaty: