E12 : Toward an interdisciplinary approach of Fast Radio Bursts

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Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are bright and short flashes of radio waves whose physical origin is still poorly known. Recent discoveries as an event associated with a galactic active magnetar, the amazing periodicities observed in two FRBs, the possibly relevance of the active magnetar models stimulate today new and original programs. We propose in the framework of this exploratory project, by gathering researchers with different expertise’s in observations and theory to contribute to a better understanding of the nature of these remarkable events of the transient sky, with a special emphasis in the high – very high – energy window.

  • PositionNameLaboratoryGrade/Employer
    WP leaderChristian GouiffèsAIMResearcher
    WP co-leaderArache Djanatti-AtaïAPCResearcher
    WP co-leaderFabrice MottezLUTh / Observatoire de ParisResearcher
    WP memberEmeric Lefloc’hAIMResearcher
    WP memberPhilippe LaurentAIMResearcher
    WP memberAnne LemièreAPCResearcher
    WP memberJérôme GuiletAIMResearcher
    WP memberPhilippe ZarkaLESIA / Observatoire de ParisResearcher
    WP memberIsmael CognardLPCEE / Observatoire de ParisResearcher
    WP memberAnaëlle MauryAIMResearcher
    WP memberGuillaume VoisinLUTh / Observatoire de ParisResearcher
    WP memberMichel DennefeldIAPResearcher
    WP memberBenjamin SchneiderAIMResearcher
    WP memberJulien GirardAIMResearcher
    WP memberDiego GötzAIMResearcher