UnivEarthS Projects

Here are all the projects currently supported by the LabEx UnivEarthS

Frontier projects

Frontier projects allow LabEx UnivEarthS teams from one of the founding laboratories to open new research paths.

Former Frontier projects

Interface projects

Interface projects aim to finance the development of interdisciplinary research maily focused on fundamental problems or technological innovation. They are composed of two teams from two different laboratories.

Former Interface projects

Exploratory projects

Exploratory projects finance innovative, risky and interdisciplinary subjects, in order to explore new research ideas or concepts. They are also composed of two teams from two different laboratories.

Former Exploratory projects

Young team projects

Young team projects aim to support young researchers to help develop their research activity and create their own team.

Former Young team projects

Valorization projects

Valorization projects are be dedicated to projects with high societal impacts and great potential for valorization with possible industrial applications.

Former Valorization projects

Education projects

Education projects are dedicated to projects sharing scientific knowledge in the fields of the LabEx (Earth, Planetary and Universe Sciences) in particular with students, youth, teachers and general public.