F6 : At the heart of our galaxy with multi-messenger astronomy: turning back the cosmic clock on SgrA* activity

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The unique context of the Galactic Center region offers unprecedented opportunities to learn about activities and interaction of a super-massive black hole with its local environment and its host Galaxy as well as cosmic-ray (CR) acceleration and transport at different scales in the Milky Way, but it also gives access to a large sample of cosmic accelerators in diverse evolution phases, embedded in a dense interstellar medium and a strong and structured magnetic field. Our team has a long standing experience in analyzing X-ray, Gamma-ray, Neutrinos, multi-wavelength data, as well as strong skills in cosmic accelerators models, phenomenology of CRs and compact object models. We propose to use the different skills of the group into a research program able to make a significant step in understanding the role of the GC at different scales within the Milky Way: whereas neutrino and gamma-ray data will be used to characterize CRs injection and transport in the Central Molecular Zone (CMZ) and highlight a possible emission from SgrA* itself, phenomenological studies will predict the gamma-ray and neutrino signal created by CRs accelerated close to the black hole and model the capability of the past activity of the Galactic Center region in shaping the global Galactic population of CRs. X-ray data will be used to study the history of accretion mechanism around SgrA* and the interaction with local stars, SNRs and X-ray binaries.

A frontier project that proposes to use X-rays, gamma-rays, neutrinos and their connection to cosmic-rays to unveil the origin, evolution, particle acceleration and the interaction of the super-massive black hole with our Galaxy.

  • PositionName / SurnameLaboratoryGrade / Employer
    LeaderAnne Lemière APCResearcher / CNRS
    Co-leaderRégis TerrierAPCResearcher / CNRS
    MemberStefano GabiciAPCResearcher / CNRS
    MemberAndrea GoldwurmAPCResearcher / CEA
    MemberSamuel ZouariAPCPhD / UP & ENS
    MemberSruthi Ravikularaman APCPhD / UP (Labex UnivEarthS)