V3 : NGKIDs – Development of New Generation KIDs detection chain

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Thanks to the support of the LabEx UnivEarthS, we now have a solid know-how on Kinetic Inductance Detectors design, fabrication and full characterization with 2 operational test benches at 300mK and 100mK. We propose to capitalize on these achievements and develop with GEPI and PCCP the next generation KIDs detection chain needed for near-infrared/visible observations. The project is based on novel detector devices and data acquisition systems that have strong potential to lead to new science capabilities and novel systems for research.

  • PositionName / SurnameLaboratoryGrade / Employer
    LeaderMichel Piat APCProfessor / UP
    Co-leaderGeorge Smoot APCProfessor / UP
    Co-leaderPiercarlo Bonifacio GEPI (CNRS, Obs. de Paris)Researcher / CNRS
    MemberJie HuGEPI (CNRS, Obs. de Paris)Postdoc / Obs. de Paris
    MemberPaul Nicaise GEPI (CNRS, Obs. de Paris)PhD / CNES & CNRS
    MemberPham Viet DungAPCPhD / UP
    MemberJean-Pierre Thermeau APCResearch Engineer / CNRS
    MemberSteve Torchinsky APCResearch Engineer / Obs. de Paris
    MemberFaouzi Boussaha GEPI (CNRS, Obs. de Paris)Researcher / CNRS
    MemberChristophe GoupilLIED (CNRS, UP)Professor / UP
    MemberBeng KyAPCResearch Engineer / CNRS
    MemberDavide Cammilleri APCResearch Engineer / Infor'marty
    MemberJean-Marc MartinGEPI (CNRS, Obs. de Paris)Researcher / Obs. de Paris