I14 : EXOATMOS – Numerical and experimental study of hot and warm rocky exoplanet atmospheres’ in preparation of JWST observations

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Exoplanets studies enter a new era where atmosphere of exoplanets can be catarterized through spectroscopic observations during transits. Whereas atmosphere of giant exoplanets  are already studied,  hot, warm rocky exoplanets constitute a new class of planets in the reach of modern instruments.  Our project aims to modelize (experimentally -using ovens- and numerically) atmosphere of hot and warm rocky exoplanets in contact with magma ocean to understand the physics of lava planets. We will also study moderate temperature exoplanets to establish potential biosignatures, in order to prepare to JWST observations . We will beneficiate from a cross-disciplinary culture coming from Earth  and planetary science (IPGP team) in  addition to a strong involvement in the forthcoming JWST/ MIRI instrument (AIM team)

  • PositionName / SurnameLaboratoryGrade / Employer
    LeaderSébastien CharnozIPGPProfessor / UP
    Co-leaderPierre Olivier LagageAIMProfessor / CEA
    Co-leaderPascal TremblinAIM / Maison de la simulationProfessor / CEA
    MemberFrédéric MoynierIPGPProfessor / UP
    MemberJulien SiebertIPGPProfessor / UP
    MemberBénédicte MenezIPGPProfessor / UP
    MemberJames BadroIPGPDR / CNRS
    MemberAlexandre GelabertIPGPProfessor / UP
    MemberDeze LiuIPGPPhD