V6 : MMO – Multi-Messenger Observatory on the cloud

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Main objective of the the project is to assist research teams working in astronomy and Earth sciences in porting their data into new “Multi-Messenger Observatory” (MMO) platform which will be operated by FACe. The platform will be implemented as a network of online services for data access, on-the-fly data analysis and for embedding analysis results into
publications. The LabEX project will contribute to the MMO with specific objectives: O.1. Assist different LabEx teams in porting their data and data analysis workflows into open science domain through the MMO, O.2. Enable efficient sharing and combination of data analysis expertise within “multi-messenger” research projects; O.3. Assist LabEx teams in long-term preservation of data analysis systems within the MMO platform. The expected outcome of these developments is the boost of the data-driven research across the pool of research projects within UnivEarthS science domains.

  • PositionName / SurnameLaboratoryGrade / Employer
    WP leader Andrii NeronovAPCProfessor / UP
    WP co-leader Cecile CavetAPCResearch Engineer / CNRS
    WP member Denys SavchenkoAPCSoftware Engineer / UP (Labex UnivEarthS)