E13 : Exploring the future of Virgo

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This project will address the question: how to maximize the science that can be performed with the Virgo infrastructure before the advent of 3rd generation gravitational-wave detectors (Einstein Telescope, Cosmic explorer), expected in the mid 30?

The objective of the project will be to determine which are the scientific goals within reach of upgraded 2nd generation detectors after the 5th observation run, (expected to finish in 2027) and what are the most suited technological upgrades to be implemented for this purpose

  • PositionNameLaboratoryGrade/Employer
    WP leaderEleonora CapocasaAPCMCF / Université de Paris
    WP memberMatteo BarsugliaAPCDR / CNRS
    WP memberMicaela OertelLUTh / Observatoire de ParisDR / CNRS
    WP memberEric Chassande-MottinAPCDR / CNRS
    WP memberDanièle SteerAPCProfessor / Université de Paris
    WP memberSylvain ChatyAIM / APCProfessor / Université de Paris
    WP memberJérôme NovakLUTh / Observatoire de ParisDR / CNRS