F7 : Multidisciplinary investigation of the deep Earth

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The links between the structure, the dynamics, and the thermochemical evolution of the deep Earth are evident, and tied together by the composition and properties of rocks and melts. An over-arching and all-encompassing understanding of the deep and early Earth requires interdisciplinary work that can be performed at IPGP, in the scope of this Frontier project; by combining observation, experimentation and modelling, to feed petrological and geochemical data into geodynamical models and constrain evolutionary scenarios by geo/paleo-magnetic and seismological observables.

  • PositionNameLaboratoryGrade/Employer
    WP leader James BadroIPGPResearch director, CNRS
    WP co-leader Julien AubertIPGPResearch director, CNRS
    WP co-leader Maylis LandeauIPGPAssistant Professor, Université de Paris
    WP co-leader Barbara RomanowiczIPGPProfessor, Collège de France
    WP co-leader Henri SamuelIPGPResearch scientist, CNRS
    WP co-leader Julien SiebertIPGPAssistant Professor, Université de Paris
    WP member Angela LimareIPGPResearch engineer, CNRS
    WP memberFrederic MoynierIPGPProfessor, Université de Paris
    WP member Jenny WongIPGPPostdoc
    WP member Charles-Édouard BoukaréIPGPAffiliated postdoc