V5 : MAPMECA – Multi-messenger Analysis Package to Model Extreme Cosmic Accelerators

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After decades of instrumental improvements, the physics and astrophysics communities have seen the emergence of multi messenger astronomy. To exchange data and to be able to extract the underlying physical processes from broad band and multi-messenger analyses, the diverse community needs common and open formats as well as common and open analysis tools. Gammapy is a python package open to the community which we have been developing with MPI-K for VHE gamma-ray data reduction and fitting. It already allows to perform complex analyses of multiple instruments both spatial and ground-based in an open and reproducible manner. With this project we propose to define a data format for high level neutrino data and to further extend gammapy capabilities for modeling and fitting to HE neutrino and X-ray data to offer the possibility of joint multi-messenger data analysis.

  • PositionNameLaboratoryGrade/Employer
    WP leader Bruno KhelifiAPCCR, CNRS
    WP co-leader Régis TerrierAPCDR, CNRS
    WP co-leader Bruny BarretAPCCR, CNRS
    WP co-leader Fabio AceroAIMCR, CNRS/CEA
    WP co-leader Catherine BoissonLUThAstronome, Observatoire de Paris
    WP member Andreas ZechLUThMCF, Observatoire de Paris
    WP member Julien AublinAPCMCF, Université de Paris
    WP member Anne LemièreAPCCR, CNRS