Student nanosatellite IGOSat

Le nanosatellite IGOSATUniversité Paris Diderot develops a student project of nano-satellite creation, within the Labex UnivEarthS. It is a project of the program JANUS CNES – French Space Agency – to coaching students satellites in France. Initiated in 2013, this small satellite (30 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm), designed entirely by students, will be launched in 2018. IGOsat horizon is primarily an educational project and progresses through successive generations of student work . Since the beginning of development, more than 150 students participated in the design, testing or simulations of the mission. It also has the support and expertise of researchers and professors from the University Paris Diderot and associated laboratories: APC, IPGP and AIM.

To go further, visit the website dedicated to IGOSat project (french).


2016 Milestones


  • Finalization of phase B in front of a panel of experts (among them CNES) on Septembre 2016 and transition to phase C (detailed conception).
  • Establishment of a convention CNES (440 k€) in order to finance phases C to E.
  • Prototyping and tests of the principal sub-systems.
  • Organization of a workshop on the development of student satellites and implementation of tools for external communications (website, twitter, etc)
  • More than 200 students worked on the project since Sept. 2012 (38 in 2016).