UnivEarthS Fall School

Since 2014, UnivEarthS organizes an autumn school that brings together about 30 students during a week during a special place.

The school is open to students in master’s or PhD from AIM, APC, IPGP and ONERA, to the scientists working on the UnivEarthS thematic  (PhD students, postdocs, engineers and technicians). It also hosts high school science teachers via the association “Les cordées de la réussite”, and administrative staff.

The positive returns from this week of school are an encouragement to continue the mission of Labex: bring together researchers from different disciplines, and create interfaces between Earth Sciences and Physics of the Universe. Indeed, it is through this kind of event that UnivEarthS promotes interdisciplinarity and the connection between its various research areas.




Fall School 2014:
“From Gaia to the Cosmos, observation and modeling”

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Fall School 2015:
“Phase changes and eruptions in the Universe”

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UnivEarthS Ecole d'automne 2016




Fall School 2016 :

La Terre planète vivante : dynamique interne
La vie dans l’univers : exobiologie
La vie des astroparticules
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