V1: Data distribution, visualisation, and cloud computing

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  • Making the most out of scientific effort: the valorisation project

    Both space-based experiments and seismology are facing the challenge of treating steadily increasing and complex data sets. The synergies between the François Arago Centre (FACe) within APC laboratory and both the Data Centre and the Data Analysis Centre (S-CAPAD) within IPGP, connected through a high speed network infrastructure, provides us with a unique data aware environment. It is also instrumental in terms of implementing new and innovative approaches for data integration and analysis for fully exploring the cornucopia of modern observations.

    In the first two years, this project will focus on harmonizing the usage of the data centres for the different projects in order to allow an optimal usage of the resources. In addition, the different aspects of the computing needs will be investigated in view of their processing requirements. The outcome of this work will be a work plan, which processes shall be processed locally, on the computing farm of the FACe, on the heavy-duty computing environment at CC-IN2P3, and what processes can best be performed using the GRID infrastructure or in the cloud. At the end of this work task an efficient way will be provided in order to access the various resources, and a detailed advice will be given which resources are best used for the different tasks faced by IPGP Observatories, eLISA, LISA-Pathfinder, Euclid and other possible projects using the IPGP data centres and the FACe.

    WP leader Cécile CAVET APC IR2, CNRS/IN2P3
    WP co-leader Volker BECKMANN IN2P3 IR1, CNRS/IN2P3
    WP co-leader Nikolai SHAPIRO IPGP DR, CNRS
    WP member Michèle DETOURNAY APC IRHC, CNRS/IN2P3
    WP member Constanza PARDO IPGP IR1, CNRS
    WP member Eleonore STUTZMANN IPGP PHY, CNAP
    WP member Jean-Marc COLLEY APC IR1, CNRS/IN2P3
    WP member Jean-Pierre VILOTTE IPGP CNAP
    WP member Alexandre FOURNIER IPGP Professor
    WP member Geneviève MOGUILNY IPGP IR, CNRS



    2016 Milestones:



    • Development of an homogeneous database using heterogeneous data issued by seismology data centres.
    • Support to the spatial missions Euclid (cosmology) and LISA (gravitational waves) through the academic cloud (virtual machines) and Docker (conteneurs).
    • Education of users of FG-cloud on the interfaces Plateforme-as-a-Service (PaaS) in April 2016.
    • Organization of two workshops on the analysis of data series (APC in June and Paris-Descartes in December 2016) co-financed by MASTODONS-CNRS.



  • Publications:

    2017 :

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    P. Amaro-Seoane et al.
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    2016 :

    M. Poncet, T. Faure, C. Cavet, A. Petiteau, P.-M. Brunet, E. Keryell-Even, S.
    Gadioux, M. Burgaud
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    BiDS’16 (2016) http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal

    2015 :

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    2014 :

    2013 :

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    2012 :

    C. Cavet, M. Le Jeune, F. Dodu, M. Detournay
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    Bonaime S., Stutzmann E., Maggi A., Vallée M., Pardo C., and the GEOSCOPE group,
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    AGU, fall meeting, 2012
    Stutzmann E., Maggi A., Bonaime S., Pardo C.,
    “30th Anniversary of the GEOSCOPE”,
    American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 2012



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