V3: In situ cosmogenic dating of extraterrestrial surfaces

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  • The future of planetary sciences depends on both sample return from extraterrestrial objects and in situ chemical and isotopic analysis as well as absolute or relative dating. Here, we plan to develop a prototype of a spatializable mass spectrometer dedicated to the in situ measurement of cosmogenic nuclides to date extraterrestrial surfaces that will be central in the selection of samples to be returned on Earth.

  • WP Leader : Manuel Moreira

    Design and tests

    Manuel Moreira (Pr Paris Diderot): Specialist of noble gas geo/cosmo chemistry

    Julien Moureau (IE IPGP): Engineer in charge of the Noble Gas Laboratory

    Collaborators for the stage 2 of the project t (>2020):

    S.Charnoz, F. Moynier, J. Badro, M. Chaussidon

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  • Coming soon