Review of the 2016 Scientific Committee


The 2016 UnivEarthS Scientific Committee gathered a hundred people on 28 and 29 November in Paris.

During these two days, the leaders of the 19 projects came to present their work and achievements over the past year. The holders of 7 new projects also presented their proposals to the members of the scientific council and to the assembly.


You can download the Scientific Committee booklet, which contains a word of welcome, program, list of board members, stakeholders, and a short presentation of all projects.
> Download the booklet



  • Stavros Katsanevas, director of the APC laboratory and co-director of Labex UnivEarthS, presented the progress and general situation of UnivEarthS over the year and the outlook for 2017.

    Find his presentation by clicking on this link.

  • Currently, UnivEarthS finances and supports 18 projects, and 7 new proposals have been evaluated.

    The presentations of the project leaders are available on the following link and protected by password.
    If you wish to obtain the password, please send an e-mail to

    See the protected page of the presentations.


  • The presentations were open to the public all day Monday and Tuesday morning. The Tuesday afternoon session was reserved for members of the Scientific Council.

    Monday, November 28

    9h00Welcome Coffee
    9h30G. HulotExecutive Board welcome
    9h35P. Binétruy FrontierSupport to PCCP
    9h55N. Shapiro FrontierSubduction today and in the past
    10h15H. HalloinFrontierFundamental physics and Geophysics in space
    10h35D. Götz InterfaceGamma-Ray Bursts: a unique laboratory for modern astrophysics
    10h55Coffee break
    11h30S. Charnoz
    / C. Michaut
    InterfaceFrom dust to planets
    11h50H. Halloin InterfaceUnivEarthS nanosatellite student project
    12h10S. Corbel FrontierThe transient catastrophic Universe
    12h30S. KatsanevasLabex presentation
    14h30A. LucasNew projectNew interface proposal 3
    14h50P. HennebelleNew projectNew interface proposal 2
    15h10S. ChatyNew projectNew interface proposal 1
    15h30A. ColeiroNew projectNew exploratory proposal
    15h50Coffee break
    16h20P. LabrotNew projectNew valorization proposal 2
    16h40 M. MoreiraNew projectNew valorization proposal 3
    17h00 N. Gehrels Plenary lecture “Time Domain Adventures with Swift and Fermi“
    18h00Social event

    Tuesday, November 29

    8h20Welcome Coffee
    8h40D.Franco Young teamDirect Searches for Dark Matter with Liquid Argon detectors
    9h00K. Kosack Young teamAdvanced Gamma-Ray Science Methods and Tools
    9h20P. Philippot FrontierEarth as a living planet : from early ages to present dynamics
    9h40Y. Giraud-HeraudFrontierFrom Big Bang to the future of the Universe
    10h00Coffee break
    10h20A. FournierInterfaceImproving Solar and Geo-dynamo predictability: towards advanced integrated data assimilation techniques
    10h40A. TonazzoInterfaceGeoparticles
    11h00V. Van Elewyck InterfaceAstroparticle research, geology and oceanography studies
    11h20Coffee break
    11h40V. BeckmannValorizationData distribution, visualization and cloud computing
    12h00F. CasseExploratoryA Numerical Observatory of Violent Accreting systems (NOVAs): strong gravity and beyond
    12h20M. Barsuglia ExploratoryGeophysics and gravitational wave interferometric detectors
    12h40J. BergéExploratoryModified Gravity from the Earth’s outskirts to the cosmos
    13h00End of open session
    14h00Closed session Scientific Committee + Executive Board

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