At the origin of the binary systems of stars, a couple’s story

Pairs of massive stars are born and evolve through phases governed by mechanisms that are still poorly understood. By observing these stellar systems during specific phases of their evolution, it is possible to trace their history in order to understand where they come from, and thus better predict their future evolution. Two studies published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics […]

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Meet & Greet with the Labex staff

The Labex UnivEarthS funds each year a dozen of young scientists on its projects. These PhD students, postdocs and engineers will present their work during a dedicated day. If you want to meet the recruited of the Labex, meet on Tuesday, June 7 at 2 pm, in the Amphithéâtre of the IPGP. Find the program below. Tuesday 7th June, 14:00 […]

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