LabEx UnivEarthS is funding an international mobility aid for phD students

In order to help phD students to travel abroad during their doctorate, the LabEx UnivEarths, through the ED STEP’UP, is funding mobility aid allowing to cover in part the travel and accomodation expenses. To be eligible, the phD students have to be enrolled at the ED STEP’UP, and working in an AIM and APC laboratories team. Participation in conferences and/or […]

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Workshop on observatory synergies for astroparticles physics and geosciences

Rationale. The recent convergence between Geoscience and Astroparticle Physics. In the last years there appeared many areas of natural synergy between Geosciences and Astroparticle Physics. Earth and Astroparticle sciences share a mutual scientific culture based on common objects of study, methods and approaches. They both deal with complex natural systems at much larger scales than the human scale, need deployments […]

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