Interview : Linda Spilker & Cécile Ferrari talk about Cassini, their collaboration & the legacy of the mission

On May 18, 2018, Linda Spilker, scientific manager of NASA’s Cassini mission, spoke at the IPGP general seminars in Paris. On this occasion, we met her with Cécile Ferrari, professor in Paris Diderot and researcher at the IPGP.

They collaborated on the Cassini mission for over 20 years and told us about their work on the mission, the discoveries they made, their collaboration and the legacy the mission left us after its “Grand Finale” in September 2017.



You can also find below the complete video of the seminar “The Cassini’s mission at Saturn: latest results & legacy” or watch it on the page of IPGP seminaries. .



For the memory, you can find the videos of the Cassini Grand Finale made in September 2017 on UnivEarthS Youtube channel, to relive the last minutes of the probe and see the interviews of the scientists present on the Caltech campus…