Release of the film on the geoparticles excursion to Appolonia!

In July 2018, the team of researchers working on the geotechnical and archaeological applications of geoparticles moved to the Apollonia site in northern Greece, near Thessaloniki. The Labex UnivEarthS actively participates in this project through group I2: Geoparticles.

This mission was carried out to test the use of neutrinos in archaeological studies, focusing on a Greek mound. In collaboration with the Laboratory of Geophysics of Exploration of the University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and the IPN (Lyon), an interdisciplinary project was deployed to study the feasibility of this technique for exploring archaeological structures and, if possible, carry out a first set of measurements as proof of concept. You can find all the information on the page dedicated to the excursion.

In addition to the scientific mission itself, the opportunity was taken to conduct interviews with the contributors. UnivEarthS presents this audiovisual material today, in order to allow you to explore in more detail this fascinating mission at the interface between geosciences, astrophysics and archaeology!

You can also find the complete playlist of these films on our YouTube channel.


The movie: Geophysical studies and subatomic particles at the Appolonia tumulus



Interview with Stavros Katsanevas, Director of the European Gravitational Observatory, EGO, General Coordinator of the project



Interview with Jacques Marteau, IPNL (UMR5822, University of Lyon/CNRS-IN2P3), professor-researcher, muographer of the ARCHé project



Interview with Gregory N. TSOKAS, Professor of Exploratory Geophysics, Laboratory of Exploratory Geophysics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Coordinator of the Apollonia experiment for the ARCHe project



Interview with Theodoros AVGITAS, UnivEarthS postdoctoral researcher, University of Paris-Diderot, data capture and analysis



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