Double Chooz publishes new measurement of θ13 and reactor neutrinos flux

Since the detectors interruption in early 2018, Double Chooz international collaboration continues its data analysis in order to find the most accurate value of θ13, the third and last mixing angle of the neutrino oscillation process. Researchers have also measured with unprecedented precision the neutrinos flux emitted by the nuclear fission reactors. Those results were published in “Nature Physics” on the 20th of April, 2020. More informations on the IN2P3 website.

Double-Chooz detector were set up close to Chooz EDF reactors, in the Ardennes, France. It detects neutrinos emitted by fission reactors. Credits : L. COLOMBEL/CEA/DSM/IRFU-DCOM

Double Chooz collaboration unite over a hundred of researchers from 7 countries (France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, USA, Japan, and Russia). It received a funding from the Labex UnivEarthS, under the Frontier project F2.