Exceptional seminar at IPGP : “Exoplanets & the quest for Universal life”

We will have an exceptional seminar on Tuesday March 20 at 4PM in the Grand Amphithéâtre (Cuvier) by Didier QUELOZ  (University of Geneva / Cavendish Laboratory).

Title : “Exoplanets & the quest for Universal life”

Didier Queloz is among the discoverers of the first exoplanet in 1996 (51 Pegasi) and is a leading scientist on the detection and characterization of exoplanets and is implied in many space missions.
He will talk about the International efforts for the detection of exoplanets as well as implications for habitability.
IPGP is also taking part in this effort, through its  implication in the CHEOPS mission, that will be launched early 2019 and in the forthcoming JWST space observatory.
This seminar is intended to everybody.