Gamma-ray bursts and supernovae: from the central engines to the observer


A four-week scientific program on extreme explosive events (such as gamma-ray bursts, compact object mergers, core-collapse supernovae) is held at Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale and sponsored by the Ψ2 initiative of the Paris-Saclay University.

In this program we aim to bring together and foster interactions between several communities (core collapse supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, neutron star mergers and magnetars). For this purpose, we avoid dividing the workshop according to different astrophysical objects and we will rather favor an organization around transverse topics common to several communities.

As part of this Ψ2 program, a two-days workshop dedicated to core-collapse supernova neutrino detection takes place at IPNO on 4-5 July, with the financial support of the Labex UnivEarthS through the project I10: From evolving binaries to the merging of compact objects.


Topics explored


  • Multi-central engines: neutrino driven core-collapse SNe, collapsar, magnetar, neutron star merger
  • Multi-messenger: gravitational waves, neutrinos, cosmic rays
  • Multi-wavelength electromagnetic emission: observations and modelling
  • Nucleosynthesis, population synthesis, progenitors, SNe and GRB as a tool


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