Conference-debate of the French Academy of Sciences: Dynamics of planetary, satellite and galactic systems

On 25 September, a conference “Dynamics of planetary, satellite and galactic systems” is held at the Academy of Sciences. Sébastien Charnoz participates by presenting at 15:40 “The origin and evolution of satellite systems”; UnivEarthS supported its work through Group I6: From dust to planets.

This conference-debate of the Academy of Sciences will be broadcast live from 14:30 to 16:45 from the Grande salle des séances of the Institut de France: see the conference live

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Presentation of the conference:

Disc dynamics, whether for planetary or galactic systems, have many similarities, being assemblies of rotating bodies governed by gravity. Their evolution is strongly influenced by resonance phenomena, and associated radial migration. However, there are also many differences, as galactic discs are more subject to their own self-gravity, and the degree of dissipation by collisions, or the hydrodynamics of the gas being very variable. This conference will present recent results on the formation of planets and planetary systems, both solar and extrasolar, as well as natural satellites, which are true planetary systems in miniature. The comparison will be made with the galactic discs, notably that of the Milky Way and the brand new results of the GAIA satellite, as well as the star disc in the nucleus of the Milky Way, around the super-massive black hole and the results of the Gravity instrument of the VLT (Very Large Telescope) of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).