LabEx UnivEarthS Days : an event dedicated to the LabEx recruits

The LabEx UnivEarthS presents the LabEx UnivEarthS Days, an event dedicated to the scientific staff recruited by the LabEx, which will takes place from 22 to 24 June.

PhD students and postdocs, researchers and engineers, our recruited staff is at the heart of the LabEx UnivEarthS activities. The LabEx UnivEarthS Days reprensent therefore an opportunity to meet the people making the LabEx, as well as discover the projects supported by UnivEarthS.

Au cours deux sessions en ligne ouverte aux publics les 22 & 23 juin, les recruté·es du LabEx UnivEarthS vous présenteront leurs recherches et leurs travaux.

Moreover, the recruits are also invited to participate in a workshop session in the morning of 24 June, followed by activities from late afternoon onwards (for the recruits only).

If you wish to participate in these days or have more information, please contact us here.